A Mediterranean boutique B&B on the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast
A Mediterranean boutique B&B on the Amalfi CoastSelect

A mosaic of art, culture and nature on the "divine" coast

On the Amalfi Coast Offerte Orto Paradiso

OrtoParadiso, an exciting family history

OrtoParadiso B & B is the story of the Milo family, who through their love and passion for their land and its hospitality, have created a place of charm and enchantment.

The B & B was created from a design and vision of Flavio, an art professor who grew up within the hospitality environment, and his wife Miranda, an Italian literature professor with a zeal for environmental protection.

In 2001, OrtoParadiso opened its doors to international customers, allowing travellers, as Flavio says: "to enjoy the fascinating natural heritage, landscape and culture that this land represents."

Since 2005, the hospitality activities' run by the family, offer a welcoming reception, keeping intact the atmosphere and warmth of a private home.

A paradise on the Amalfi Coast!